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Mayhill Hospital provides outpatient services to adults and seniors to teach them new ways to cope with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. They are designed to identify underlying symptoms, stabilize acute conditions and improve quality of life.

Outpatient services include group, individual and family therapy sessions held multiple times a week, in which patients can join a therapeutic community of peers in a comfortable environment.

Please call for availability.

Outpatient Treatment Focuses

  • Group psychotherapy: interpersonal communication and expression of feelings
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: necessary changes in thought and behavior patterns
  • Mental health management: health and wellness, goal setting, coping strategies and stress management
  • Expressive therapy: self-expression and self-awareness through alternative forms of expressive media
  • Medication management (PHP only): proper dosage and frequency of medication to receive the most beneficial results and avoid dependency
  • Individualized aftercare planning: connecting patients with a network of community resources for prolonged stability after leaving our care

Outpatient Services

Call 940-239-3000 to learn more about outpatient services or schedule a no cost assessment. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.