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Multisensory Environments (MSE)

Multisensory Environments (MSE)

Our new Snoezelen® room is designed to offer a comfortable, non-threatening setting with an array of sensory activities.

Snoezelen rooms are multisensory environments (MSE) that offer a variety of meaningful activities, objects and interactive opportunities to promote engagement and healing. The sensory stimulation can help patients relax and change thinking patterns.

Snoezelen® Multisensory Room at Mayhill Hospital

Mayhill Hospital Snoezelen® multisensory room

What Are the Benefits of a Snoezelen® Room?

When a patient is experiencing disorientation, agitation or disrupted behavior, the immersive environments can allow them to feel safe and calm.

Our clinicians and therapists can use our MSE to reduce agitation and promote relaxation, stimulation and cognitive development.

Incorporating sight, smell, touch, taste, smell and movement, the environment addresses three main cognitive areas:

  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Feelings

The room includes a wheelchair rocker, memory projector, aroma diffuser, bubble tube, laser star projector, solar projector and Wi-Fi controlled lighting.


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